2017 GOALS

Happy New Year, friends! I hope your holidays were relaxing, warm, and meaningful. 

Today I'm sharing my goals for 2017. Each year, Justin and I spend a day or two after Christmas praying and reviewing the past 12 months: what worked, what didn't, and where we hope to grow in the next 12 months. I made new year's resolutions in the past and never saw anything come of it. When I started setting goals two years ago, it radically changed the direction of my life. We used Powersheets for the first time this year and it really helped give me clarity and organization in my goal-setting.

I don't post these publicly to brag or try to show how my life is incredibly put together. I feel nervous putting them out there, actually. But doing so will hold me accountable, give me momentum, and (I hope!) encourage others as they work on their own goals. 

Each goal is accompanied by action steps I can take throughout the year to make them happen. Powersheets help me break these steps into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks that I review each day and tweak as necessary. 

2017 Goals

1. Build a successful, God-fueled, life-giving photography business.
Action Steps:
-Book xx 2017 weddings
-Create quarterly marketing goals
-Purchase necessary equipment

2. Cultivate a strong marriage with Justin.
Action Steps: 
-Read "Love and Respect"
-Intentionally affirm Justin on a daily basis
-Hold weekly check-in meetings

3. Pay off 50% of our debt.
Action Steps:
-Use the envelope system for purchases
-Listen to the Dave Ramsey podcast
-Hold monthly budget meeting

4. Build consistent spiritual habits.
Action Steps:
-Wake up at 5am for quiet time each day
-Memorize 1 John (3 verses/week)
-Choose one chapter of "Celebration of Discipline" to practice each month

5. Use every hour of my day on purpose.
Action Steps:
-Track my time every day
-Review my goals each morning
-Go social media free on the weekends

6. Seek out and strengthen "iron sharpens iron" friendships
Action Steps:
-Invite local friends to dinner
-Attend the Return to Rest retreat and make it count
-Seek out mentors at church

7. Improve how I steward my health.
Action Steps:
-Go to the gym for strength training and running 3 times/week
-Eat a no sugar/processed foods diet for 80% of each month
-Sign up for 2 5k runs

8. Increase positive input and output.
Action Steps:
-Limit TV to one episode and movie a week
-Read 17 books
-Stop visiting time-wasting websites

I'd love to read your goals for the year - leave a link in the comments below!