What I'm Reading in 2017


I've always been a reader. My mother's goal from the time I was young was to instill a love of reading in me - and she did! I used to follow her through the grocery store reading my book, eyes rarely leaving the pages. Most of my teenage & college years were spent devouring novels (and Seventeen magazine), but after I graduated I fell in love with non-fiction. Dave Ramsey always says "readers are leaders" and I've taken his words to heart, especially as I've worked to build my business.

Last year, I participated in Nancy Ray's book club and read one book each month. I learned so much! I started new habits, got to know myself better, and grew in intentionality. This year, I wanted to continue the habit, so I made my own list. Each book was selected with the desire to improve in a specific area of my life. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of business/productivity books on my list this year. I've broken the books into categories and linked each title to Amazon, in case you'd like to read any on the list! 







That's 17 books total! That number may seem high to some people, and low to others, but it's manageable for where I'm at right now. I aim to read 12-15 pages per day, usually during a commute, over lunch, or before bed. If I get behind, I catch up on the weekend. My one struggle is applying everything I've learned to make real changes in my day-to-day life. I try to retain one new habit or perspective from each book I read.

What are some books you're excited to read in 2017? I'm always on the lookout for powerful reads, so leave your favorite in the comments below!