Classic Summer Wedding at Dunham Woods Riding Club | Scott & Kathy

Kathy and Scott are something special; they have been together for TEN YEARS! The time together has built up such a meaningful relationship between them and their families, and they deep love they share for each other is beautiful.

I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day for over a year! Kathy is very organized and knows exactly what her vision is, which always results in a lovely, well thought out wedding day. From the beginning, she was so excited to get celebrate the day at the Dunham Woods Riding Club. An avid animal lover, she planned to include a horse in their wedding day portraits and it felt like such a magical moment when the horse walked out with his wreath!

Scott and Kathy are world travelers and adventurers and have so much ahead of them to explore. It was an honor to be included in their story and I’m so excited to share it with you here! Congratulations you two!

Videography: RG Film/Photo
Music: Kidron Music