I'm Kristen! Nice to meet you. :)

I'm a Chicago-based wedding photographer who's obsessed with this city, taking pretty pictures, and crying at weddings. (It's fine. My mascara's waterproof.

I'm also a Type A book nerd, who loves making lists and writing things in my planner. This is good news for YOU because it means I'm super organized and prepared for your wedding day, and I know your timeline down to the minute! 

I'm an old soul in a twenty-something's body. I like nights at home with Thai take-out and a good book. If I'm not in bed by 9:00pm, my friends are surprised. ;) But don't worry - if there's one thing that can keep me up late, it's a good dance party!

I'm also a wife of 4 years to Justin & we love traveling, trying new restaurants, and playing board games. I'm a cat mom to one sassy calico. My sweet tooth can't be tamed (give me all the donuts from Stan's, please). Italy is at the top of my travel bucket list! I spent 3 weeks there in 2012 and I want to go back and walk the streets of Florence with Justin by 2020. I strive to serve my clients with love and bring honor to God in all that I do.

I'd love to hear more about YOU and what you have in mind for your wedding day!